Anna Choutova is a visual artist and curator currently working in London.  Her work is the reflection and celebration of life's bad times. She takes moments of boredom, lethargy and sadness and give it a loud make-over. Through the rose-tinted glasses of the advertising industry or an Instagram lens, just about anything can look like heaven. 

Anna is the resident curator at Bones and Pearl Studios and is the founder of Bad Art. Her work has recently been featured in Fresh Paint Magazine and I Heart Magazine. 

Her ongoing curatorial project Bad Art has been written in numerous publications including Quietus and Dazed and Confused.

"A blaze of products have been taken as Duchamp took the urinal: to a new context. Over familiar and sickeningly addictive - it is Western consumerism. Anna Choutova infuses the ordinary with inflamed colours and slick paint strokes. The result is a release of painterly brilliance. The bright colours radiate an encapsulating promise of commercial ecstasy. There is something disturbing about the glaring light, the obstinate smiles and the overzealous colour: it seems sickly sweet, is it a lie? Perhaps it is this representation of Western consumerism, so satisfyingly toyed with that make Choutova’s paintings so prevalent. ‘Andrea Gomis’ features a cosmetic laden face, pressed up against the frame in an intimidating close-up. Thick, moist looking brush strokes of fleshy pink smear across the surface meeting the perfect white smile in flaming red lipstick: she is made up, a product. The work convincingly alludes to the over indulgent consumerism infecting the western world whilst retaining the all-important branding which captures our attention." 

- Sarah Ryan, NewBloodArt