Anna Choutova is a visual artist and curator working and studying in London. Anna is currently studying for an MFA in Painting at Slade School of Fine Art.

Coming from an Eastern European background, then thrown into a Westernised upbringing in the wake of the collapse of the Soviet Union, Anna’s practice functions as a form of rose- tinted voyeurism into an idealised Western culture, approaching food, consumerism and addiction with a contemporary Pop Art vernacular. The culture she was born into both fetishizes and demonizes American consumer culture. Anna’s practice reflects this duality and comments on the push-pull of East and West that exists within her and within most post- Soviet Eastern Europeans. She has put herself between Malevich and McCarthy and is on a mission to marry destitute bleakness with inconceivable excess in her own practice.

She is fascinated by the things we consume in an effort to alter our identity. Her work comments on the power of food and food culture, especially its destructive elements, touching on subjects around addictive and disordered eating, using Kristeva’s Powers of Horror as a key reference point.

Anna is the is the founder of Bad Art Presents. Bad Art Presents is a curatorial project founded in 2016 aiming to challenge the contemporary art world through transgressive exhibitions that offer a different way of interacting with art. The shows are a reaction & protest against the hushed silence, white walled gallery experience. The concept is heavily inspired and informed by the Fluxus Movement, DADAism and Bourriaud’s Relational Aesthetics. Her curatorial project has toured worldwide, hosting exhibitions, residencies and festivals.  



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